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Chip Quik Inc. SOLDER BAR SN96.5/AG3.0/CU0.5 8O BARSN96.5AG3.0CU


Product description

Lead Free Bar Solder Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 (96.5/3.0/0.5) Bar, 0.5 lb (227g)

Product Specification:

  • Category :- Soldering
  • Desoldering
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  • Mfr :- Chip Quik Inc.
  • Series :- Super Low Dross„
  • Part Status :- Active
  • Type :- Bar Solder
  • Composition :- Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 (96.5/3.0/0.5)
  • Diameter :- -
  • Melting Point :- 422 ~ 428°F (217 ~ 220°C)
  • Flux Type :- -
  • Wire Gauge :- -
  • Process :- Lead Free
  • Form :- Bar
  • 0.5 lb (227g)
  • Shelf Life :- -
  • Shelf Life Start :- -
  • Storage/Refrigeration Temperature :- -

Chip Quik Inc. SOLDER BAR SN96.5/AG3.0/CU0.5 8O BARSN96.5AG3.0CU

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I want to say thank you for helping me today. With your help I am now able to use ATLAS.ti easier to finish my dissertation. Again, I want to say thank you. The ATLAS.ti support is by far the best support I have ever received from a software company.

Nicholas Belongie, MPAUniversity at Buffalo, USA

I'm a PhD student in education. The research I am carrying out concerns the role of bystanders in cyber-bullying situations. ATLAS.ti was really useful for the literature review process.

Fernando Dominguez HernandezUNED, Spain

Just wanted to let you know how valuable the videos that you created are! Your explanations are clear and concise. They were extremely helpful in getting me up and running on both programs! They are also a wonderful resource to recommend to my doctoral students.

Jenny Edwards, PhDFielding Graduate University

ATLAS.ti boasts many benefits including intuitive design. But its customer service really is what wins them the gold star. They reply to emails extraordinarily quickly and in a friendly manner. Especially for those who are not too technologically savvy, ATLAS.ti is the software that will have the patience to deal with you!

Cristina ParajonSociology student, Harvard University

ATLAS.ti is changing the way of doing qualitative research. The new version has many great new tools that would have saved me hours and hours of research time. The new user interface allows researchers to focus on the research and not on how to use the software.

Siantiago Najera (Quito, Ecuador)

Extremely interesting software which is useful for facilitating and expediting qualitative research. In addition to all of the features the software offers, it has been a pleasant surprise to discover that I can also use it as a database for my literature reviews.

Patricia Rocu GómezFaculty of Education, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Before beginning to use ATLAS.ti, I carried out my coding directly on paper, which took me a great amount of time, in addition to the subsequent effort of transferring the information to diagrams and schemes, which I had to compose and create from scratch. ATLAS.ti greatly facilitates all of this work


ATLAS.ti has become my best ally in developing my academic and research activities. It is a software that allows you to organize, classify, relate, and analyze all types of information that are recollected in a research study

Ana M Gutiérrez, Colombia

Muchas gracias equipo de ATLAS.ti.
El mejor y más amigable software de apoyo a la investigación cualitativa.

Elvis TrejoUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

Thank you for making research more interesting by simplifying data analysis further. I have used ATLAS.ti and it made my work very simple. I am a researcher and my work is always around research and data analysis.

Joan AliobeMinistry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

In my research I used ATLAS.ti extensively, to code a massive amount of quotation (about 106000). ATLAS.ti is the only software around that makes truly mixed quantitative and qualitative analysis possible.

Gerben Moerman

When working on a complex subject like our "suicide" project, it is important that we are able to grasp every detail people are telling us about. For this reason we use a qualitative research design. A good research tool, like ATLAS.ti, is an essential part of conducting reliable research.

Vita PoštuvanUniversity of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia

During my career as a qualitative and quantitative market researcher in the field of social media research and co-creation for the food, media, automotive and cosmetics industries, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse software products for qualitative data analysis. None of these programs facilitated the work in which I have been involved better than ATLAS.ti.

Steffen HückProject Manager, Innovation Research, HYVE AG

Without the use of your product I would still be hand-coding and manually organizing many, many, many pages of transcripts for my thesis. As it stands, my thesis was successfully defended and accepted. ATLAS.ti is truly a "mighty mite!"

Joanne SalayOutreach Coordinator, Kent State University Stark

My best wishes and sincere thanks because ATLAS.ti has helped me make my work so fast and because it works with any language. It really saves me time from translating the whole transcript.

Kyu Kyu ThanDepartment of Medical Research, Myanmar

Outside of any kind of conceptual discussion about the glib association between Grounded Theory and ATLAS.ti or other software, I like to use ATLAS.ti since I take in its freedom to build up links involving codes, memos and quotation.

Cesar A. Cisneros PueblaInternational Institute for Qualitative Methodology, University of Alberta

I have taught qualitative research methodology for quite a few years now and consequently I have shopped around for QAQDAS software quite a bit. I have probably tried most packages on the market and after all is said and done there is only one I would use or recommend - ATLAS.ti.

Catharine PayzeDepartment of Psychology, University of South Africa

I used ATLAS.ti to code and analyze the data for my dissertation. I collected my data from March through July. [..] Suffice it to say that I completed my findings chapter by Thanksgiving. People ask me how I got done so fast, and I tell them, ATLAS.ti.

Lois MacNamaraAssistant Dean for Student Affairs, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

I think that this community knows that it is a really good product in and of itself, but more than that the responsiveness of the designers is incredible, and the community built around this software package is something that is very rare indeed.

Zeno FrancoResearch and Technology Coordinator, RIMS, University of California

Five years ago I took a leap and told our small research team that we should switch to ATLAS.ti. I still have my job and ATLAS.ti has not let us down! It has kept pace with the advancing complexity of our analytical needs.

Douglas FernaldUniversity of Colorado

We like this software. We use it. It helps us to think about what we do. We are delighted to recommend ATLAS.ti to our clients.

Paul HumphreysFounder & Managing Director, Oxford Continuity Group

In contrast to other commercially available packages, two advantages of ATLAS.ti are its handling of graphics and digital audio recordings as primary data, and its features for generating conceptual diagrams. Its flexible structure allows users to choose their individual approach.

Tadashi KimuraSchool of Development Studies, University of East Anglia

Being the member of the IT Services department at LSE who supports ATLAS.ti and is involved with giving training in it to staff and students, I can certainly say that ATLAS.ti is well liked here at the London School of Economics and Political Science and is heavily used.

Angela AubertinLondon School of Economics and Political Science

As the library researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, I've had many opportunities to analyze qualitative data, but never with the help of specially designed software. I can't imagine the difficulty of the task for our last study (in-depth interviews of 100 graduate students) had we not used ATLAS.ti.

Carole A. GeorgeCarnegie Mellon University Libraries

Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate your prompt assistance. Yet another reason why I like using ATLAS.ti!

Mary P. MartinasekResearch Associate, Florida Prevention Research Center, University of South Florida

As an academic and researcher, it is hard to imagine data analysis without the aid of ATLAS.ti. The program helped me easily organise, mine, code and analyse mountains of data and ultimately I could extract very meaningful reports.

John RautenbachDept. Social Work & Social Development, University of Fort Hare, South Africa

As a PhD student, I have been very pleased with the way ATLAS.ti has helped me to organise and navigate my data. I have transcripts of 16 videos and 24 interviews as well as 24 reports, adding up to a huge volume of work.

Victoria C RoweMA, GRSM, Roehampton University

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The workshop was wonderful! Having the opportunity to work hands-on with ATLAS.ti to analyze data was invaluable. The instructor was thorough and able to explain things in a manner that could be understood by the layperson.

Denise J. JonesPhD Student Human Services Counseling Capella University

This workshop went far beyond my expectations in terms of usefulness and applicability to my research. The trainer was not only incredibly knowledgeable about ATLAS.ti, his guidance in qualitative coding of data was invaluable.

Sherry Booth, MEdDoctoral Student Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, North Carolina State University

I have been incredibly impressed with ATLAS.ti's employees and the service they provide. I feel very good knowing that your company has terrific support in place to help me. I can't remember when I've seen such a responsive team.

Tracy WinterDoctoral Student

I really appreciate the way the instructor presents what ATLAS.ti is and how it works. He systematically explains all of the features and possible options of this powerful software for qualitative data analysis.

Farhard MoayeriProgram Coordinator of Project Management Program at Centennial College,Toronto, Canada

I liked the workshop very much; everything was well explained with practical examples. I acquired the ATLAS.ti license, and I am using it in my doctoral thesis. It is working very well and it has exceeded all my expectations.

J. PedroU, Madrid

La experiencia del instructor en la gestión de ATLAS.ti así como su metodología exitosa para ilustrar los procesos en el análisis de datos cualitativos conduce a una sola expresión: Excelente.

Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos; creo que sería muy útil, si está dentro de las posibilidades, enviar a los asistentes la grabación de la videoconferencia y los símbolos utilizados para diseñar cuestionarios en Excel. Reitero mi agradecimiento, admiración y respeto.

Jesús Eduardo Pulido, Venezuela

This is a very useful course for those carrying out research using qualitative methodology and managing large amounts of data (of any type)

Rodrigo DuerteDoctoral student of anthropology, UCM, Spain

The practice of the ATLAS.ti webinar was very helpful for me, both instrumentally and conceptually, it is at an excellent level and the help is extremely accessible.

Elvira DeDuboisDoctoral student, Autonomous University of Barcelona

El curso va muy bien, me encantaran las clases. Las explicaciones son muy claras y presentan bien las herramientas de ATLAS.ti. ¡Muchas gracias otra vez por su disponibilidad y interese en ayudar! ¡Poder contar con ustedes es inestimable!

Priscila SatoDoctoral student of ecology, UM, Spain

The ATLAS.ti course was very useful for both the training and the practice. The possibility to complete the course asynchronously facilitates on the one hand, the power to adjust the study hours to when you have time as opposed to adjusting your schedule for a face-to-face course.

Carla Rodriguez GarcíaDoctoral student of the University of Navarra, Spain

In relation to the course, I express my sincerest congratulations to the instructors for their delivery, dedication, and friendliness regarding problems and questions I had throughout the course.

Augusto Sequeiros PumarUniversity Barcelona

Excellent training program if you've never had any experience with coding software or you need to start a big project!

Charles DelaneyProfessor, University of Alberta

The course was extremely useful for those starting to learn how to use the software. I hope to group a class of students and follow the next course.

Noemi SpagnolettiResearcher IP-USP, Brazil

ATLAS.ti Introductory Webinars represent a great opportunity for learning the basics of this software through the guide of highly qualified and experienced qualitative researchers. I strongly recommend these courses to professionals and researchers who want to incorporate ATLAS.ti into their analysis, but have little or no knowledge of how to do it.

Marvin Rodriguez VargasSociólogo Universidad de Costa Rica Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal

It was wonderful experience to see how possible it is to organise qualitative data through ATLAS.ti apart from my knowledge of traditional quantitative analysis that I know. This is going to easy my work considerably, thanks ATLAS.ti.

Chitung SaidProgramme Quality & Learning Manager at Restless Development in Tanzania

The hands-on presentation was super helpful for developing a better understanding of the technical features of the program. I had taken the six-hour webinar but still had some questions that the face-to face session with the instructor helped to clarify.

Elvin JonesDoctoral Student

The class provided very useful information and guidance regarding analysis of different types of data. Great inclusion of articles available in the Resources section. Good review of the capabilities of the software.

Beth F CarterBehavioral Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In addition to an excellent presentation, I greatly appreciated the instructor's quick responses to our texted questions.

Diane L. Wolf,Professor of Sociology, Univ. of California, Davis

I have been looking for a user-friendly software to facilitate my data analysis and I am very grateful to have found ATLAS.ti. I highly recommend ATLAS.ti to my fellow Ph.D students.

Siti MohamadDoctoral Student, University Malaysia Sabah

The 1-hour tutorial was jam-packed with great information! I'm really excited to start using this new tool on my Mac!!

Herbert LiasConsultant, Utah

En esta ocasión aprecié de forma más ejemplificada tanto los comandos, como las formas de integración, al estar la Instructora explicando. De igual, manera las explicaciones permitían seguir la visualización de los ejemplos que describía. El taller evaluativamente fue excelente.

Reynalda Pimentel de ArrochaCurricuista

Soy investigador. La docente del curso tuvo un alto grado de implicación y disponibilidad, un alto grado de calidad docente y un alto conocimiento de la materia. ¡Muy recomendable!

Felipe García GuzmanInvestigador

El curso nos mostró las infinitas posibilidades que ofrece ATLAS.ti como herramienta para el análisis cualitativo de datos. La instructora supo captar nuestra atención, introducirnos al uso del programa y enseñarnos su aplicabilidad.

Claudia RomeroConsultora (IESTQM, España)

Me pareció una adecuada introducción a Atlas.ti, bien manejado y algo que me pareció relevente fue la personalización que se dio a los participantes. Indudablemente, dejan la inquietud suficiente para seguir conociendo y practicando más del programa.

Javier CastilloEstudiante ITESO, Guadalajara, Jalisco. México

El curso de ATLAS.ti es imprescindible para todo/a que quiera utilizar el programa. Abre un sinfín de posibilidades y el aprendizaje esta muy bien estructurado, resultando ameno y muy provechoso.

Julio FernandezDecano Facultad Enfermeria Universidad de Valencia

El curso fue impartido magistralmente por la profesora. Desearía que para un futuro cercano volviera a impartirse el curso pero de forma más pausada. Es decir con una mayor duración en horas y distribuidas, por ejemplo a la largo de una semana para poder sedimentar los conocimientos adquiridos.

Josefa Eugenia BlascoProfesora. Universidad de Alicante, España

El curso me permitió conocer todas las posibilidades del programa para sacarle mejor provecho en mis proyectos de investigación y con mis estudiantes.

Maria GonzalesProfesora Universidad de Colima, México

Me parece un valioso aporte realizar una inducción del software, mostrando las potencialidades de ATLAS.ti. Mis felicitaciones porque quedé gratamente sorprendida con las mejoras que tiene Atlas.ti en la versión actual.

Marisol HernándezEstudiante Doctorado en Tecnología Educativa Universitat de les Illes Balears

Este taller nos dio la información básica acerca de los conceptos básicos y algunas posibilidades que ofrece este programa. Lo cierto es que deja una buenísima impresión el curso, quedándote con ganas de ampliar conocimientos sobre el mismo. Desde luego que, a la hora de realizar una investigación cualitativa, este programa me parece imprescindible.

Fernando MayerbeerDoctorando Ciencias Sociales. Universitat de València. España

El contexto actual exige una mayor comprensión en tanto las dinámicas son altamente cambiantes, por fortuna existe ATLAS.ti que te permite amar tu rol de investigador facilitando tanto el orden como el análisis de la información.

Ana Maria Gutierrez Monsalve,Profesional en Planeación y Desarrollo Social, Institución Universitaria Colegio Mayor de Antiquia Medellin- Colombia

My name is Ricardo Valls, a P. Geo. with 33 years of International Experience in Geology. I live in Toronto, Canada, but work around the world. I love science and do a lot of investigation. I enjoyed enormously the presentation. It was witty, funny, and serious at the same time. Thank you!

Ricardo VallsToronto, Canada

A mi parecer el curso es totalmente didáctico, se ha dado de manera pausada. Considero que debo tener el programa abierto a la par e ir practicando a medida que avanza la explicación.

Ulina MappCandidata a doctor en Ciencias de la educación, Universidad de Panamá

Al empezar a trabajar con ATLAS.ti cualquier formación extra es interesante. Ha sido un pequeño taller, al lado de las inmensas posibilidades de este software, pero a la vez muy productivo, animo a cualquiera a disfrutar de la formación que se ofrece, es un gran valor añadido el poder acceder a ella y a los formadores, no es habitual encontrar este tipo de soporte.

Nuria MartínezDoctoranda en el CEU, Madrid, España.

Mi nombre es Diana Gómez soy profesora de psicología, en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México; el curso me pareció interesante, práctico y muy útil para el trabajo de investigación de los alumnos. Espero poder continuar con la capacitación que ofrecen.

Diana GómezPsicología, Universidad de Guadalajara

This was an exceptional training experience.  The workshop was very hands on.  All concepts and their applications were clearly explained.  I highly recommend this to qualitative researchers.

Dina Martinez-Tyson, PhD MPHLouis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute University of South Florida

The workshop was wonderful! Having the opportunity to work hands-on with ATLAS.ti to analyze data was invaluable. The instructor was thorough and able to explain things in a manner that could be understood by the layperson.

Denise J. Jones, MEdhD Student Human Services Counseling Capella University

After attending the ATLAS.ti workshop, I feel empowered to go forth and complete a systematic analysis of my qualitative data from my dissertation research. Specifically, I know the importance of using memos to record my processes

Lisa HerveyResearch Assistant, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation Doctoral Candidate in Curriculum and Instruction, North Carolina State University

You find ATLAS.ti users at many fine universities, research institutions, and corporations. Some of them are listed below.

Universidad de Barcelona
Uppsala Universitet
University of Botswana
Harvard University
Kyoto University
National Taiwan University
Stanford University
Yale University
CASA Columbia
Oxfam America
Save the Children
Intern. Criminal Court - Den Haag
World Health Organization
McKinsey & Company
IBM Research
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University of Namibia
University of Western Australia