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Tuomico Air Hose Kit with Special price for a limited time 6 for SUP 16 Ele Nozzles 20PSI New arrival

Tuomico Air Hose Kit with 6 Nozzles for Tuomico 16/20PSI SUP Ele


Tuomico Air Hose Kit with 6 Nozzles for Tuomico 16/20PSI SUP Ele


Product description

Package Included:
(1)1*3.3ft hose
(2)6*different size of nozzles
(3)3* different sizes of O rings: 3.2mm, 5mm and 6.2mm

Wide Application:This Electric air pump accessories has 6 different sizes of nozzles for inflating stand up paddle board,
inflatable boats, Kayaks, floats, rafts, water sport pool, inflatable tents, ball etc.

Tuomico Air Hose Kit with 6 Nozzles for Tuomico 16/20PSI SUP Ele

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Jessica Schultz, 38, (left) told the FBI on September 16 that she saw a man she is '100 per cent certain' was Brian Laundrie (center with Gabby Petito) on August 26, 27 and 28 near Spread Creek campsite - where Gabby Petito's body was found on Sunday (a stone cross near where her body was found is pictured top right). Schultz said that she noticed Laundrie, alone, in the van and was going to ask him to join their group but then changed her mind. All of her friends independently confirmed seeing the van. Schultz and her friends were thanked on Sunday by the FBI, who said they had led them to the spot where Petito's remains were located. On Tuesday Petito's death was confirmed to be a homicide. Their van is seen dumped near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming bottom right.

The former president filed his case against Mary, the paper and three of its reporters. In the suit, reported by The Daily Beast, Trump claims that the newspaper convinced Mary Trump to 'smuggle records out of her attorney's office and turn them over to The Times' despite her having signed a confidentiality agreement. She signed the deal in 2001 after settling a contentious legal battle over the will of Frederick Trump - Donald's father and her grandfather. Mary, 56, the daughter of his late brother Fred, laughed off the suit. 'I think he is a f****** loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can,' she said.

The father of Bryson and Brayden McDaniel, 20 months, will not face charges for their death after he forgot them in his car on September 1, the sheriff's department reported.

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The huge trove of information could take months or years to sift through, experts caution, but far-right activists who used the web hosting service Epik are already being named and shamed.

Ex-Chinese Communist Party insider Wei Jingsheng told a shocking new documentary The World Military Games in October 2019 could have acted as the virus' first superspreader event.

House Democrats approved a bill to avert a government shut down and increase the debt limit but shot down a Republican attempt to add back $1 billion in funding to Israel's Iron Dome.

Biden REFUSES to take questions from US reporters and tells Boris Johnson 'good luck' when he says he wants to answer 'just a couple' of queries from the press: White House aides then interrupt the British PM to clear journalists from Oval Office

Joe Biden on Tuesday did not recognize any American reporters for questions during an Oval Office meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his aides cleared out journalists as they tried to query the president. Biden did attempt to answer one shouted question from a CBS reporter about the crisis on the Southern border but his answer was unclear when White House staff shouted down reporters, covering the president's attempt to respond as they demanded journalists leave. 'Violence is not justified,' Biden appeared to say but the rest of his response was not decipherable.

Top executives at Facebook are reportedly trying to take an offensive approach to the company's bad publicity - in part by pushing pro-Facebook news items directly onto a user's News Feed.

Joe Biden appeared to pour cold water on hopes of a quick Transatlantic trade deal last night, as it emerged ministers are considering an alternative agreement involving Mexico and Canada.

Asian hostess attacked by three black women over 'N-word insult' at Carmine's had only been working there 'for a few days and hasn't returned': Management 'tells staff customers showed fake vaccination cards' as they release footage of incident

The Asian hostess (left) who was attacked by three black women (top right) at Carmine's had only been working at the famed New York City restaurant for a few days, a staffer has revealed to Dailymail.com. The woman, who has not been named and was accused by her attackers of using the N-word, has not returned to work since the incident, an unnamed worker said on Tuesday night. He added that employees were told by upper management that the three customers from Texas were refused dining at the restaurant because they presented fake vaccination cards. Carmine's refused to comment or provide a statement. A protest outside the restaurant is seen bottom right.

Carmine's released surveillance footage from both inside the entrance to the restaurant and the outdoor area where the brawl broke out last week.

Willie Garson, known for his role as Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City, died at the age of 57 on Tuesday, his son, Nathen confirmed on Instagram. Sources close to Garson told TMZ that the actor had 'been battling cancer' though it is not confirmed that the illness was the cause of his death. Garson will reprise his role as Carrie Bradshaw's close pal Stanford Blatch in the forthcoming Sex And The City reboot titled And Just Like That..., which began production in June.

Winter Warm Lattice Scarf Autumn and Winter Men's Cashmere Scarf

Eight months since President Biden was sworn into office, the anticipation of a tone change and 'return to normalcy' has utterly disappeared. The man I once considered a friend and confidante has morphed into a feckless and unreliable leader I no longer recognize. He gives all the signs of stubborn cantankerous naivete, surrounded by idiotic sycophants anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes around politics should easily recognize as the worst type of corrupt bureaucrats. Biden's policies have broken with his rhetoric of unity to create more division and distrust. Inflation has exploded. Americans are paying more at the pump and the grocery and soon for their kids' holiday toys. The schools are supposed to be reopened, but in-person learning is inconsistent and can be pulled away with the speed of a positive test. The vaccine booster shots, which Biden promised at the beginning of the month, ran into a brick wall of FDA policy. New government mandates are testing the limits of executive power. The man who promised he would shut down the virus, not the country, is doing the opposite. He is on the path to become worse than Jimmy Carter, who author Steve Hayward described as a man who ran for office promising 'a government as good as the people' and ended his term by saying the people were no good. The American people are good. I believe in them. And I believe they deserve a better class of leader.

Disneyland is giving Jessica Rabbit a politically-correct makeover as a private investigator on the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride, with her wearing a trench coat and a fedora.

The ad seen outside Sunday's Panthers v. Saints game in Charlotte directed readers to a website for the Wilmore Funeral Home, a fictional business created by ad agency Boone Oakley.

Danika Ross, 10, drowned after being sucked into an irrigation pipe at a pond in Quincy, Washington which the family say is on property owned by Cave B Estate Winery. Two of Danika's sibling's witnessed the incident and tried to help, but could not fight the suction. The suit claims that the Cave B website advertises swimming in the lake, and brands it 'literally a death trap'. The lawsuit seeks damages from the winery and the Famigilia Water District.

The body, which was discovered under the Coney Island boardwalk by Surf Avenue was found just before midnight after police responded to the scene following a 911 call about a dead body.

Photos released on Tuesday show Brian Laundrie appeared to have a gun and a creepy poster of dark figures with hammers and spheres violently attacking each other in the bedroom of the North Port, Florida house he lived in with his parents. His parents bought the 1,448 square foot home for $120,000 in 2015, and have previously tried to sell it. Now, the home has become a media circus as the search for Laundrie continues. He is wanted in connection with the murder of his fiancée Gabby Petito, with whom he took off on a cross-country venture before she disappeared.

Police probe possible sighting of 'person of interest' Brian Laundrie after receiving a report that someone resembling Gabby Petito's fiance was spotted 500 miles from his Florida home on Tuesday.

The disappearance and subsequent news coverage of Florida 'van-life' woman Gabby Petito was dismissed by MSNBC host Joy Reid Monday as a case of 'missing white woman syndrome.'

A coroner in Wyoming confirmed on Tuesday that a body found two days ago is that of missing New Yorker Gabby Petito. Her death has been ruled a homicide, with the circumstances yet to be confirmed. Petito, 22, set out on a road trip in her van with boyfriend Brian Laundrie, 23 (pictured left). The couple documented their 'van life' journey on social media (bottom right), with stays in Kansas, Colorado, Utah and finally Wyoming. On August 12 police in Utah were called by a concerned bystander, who saw the pair rowing and physically fighting. But they seemed to have resolved their differences, and Petito last called her mother on August 25, seemingly happy. She was reported missing on September 11. Laundrie, meanwhile, returned alone to his family home in Florida on September 1 and was reported missing by his parents on September 14. A manhunt is underway, focusing on a nature reserve in Sarasota County from where his abandoned car was recovered. Petito's death has attracted huge attention. On Monday a cross (top right) was laid out at the Wyoming campsite, near Grand Teton, where her body was found.

Brian Laundrie's father Christopher Laundrie broke cover for the first time Tuesday - but refused to answer questions about his missing son, a person of interest in Gabby Petito's disappearance.

North Port Police announced Tuesday multiple teams had returned to the 'vast and unforgiving' Carlton Reserve to continue the search for Brian Laundrie.

One of three teens accused of killing Barnard student Tessa Majors (left) during a mugging in 2019 has pleaded guilty to murder as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Luchiano Lewis (right), now 16, was just 14 years old when he and two friends allegedly attacked 18-year-old Majors in a New York City park. Lewis on Tuesday pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery in Manhattan Supreme Court, a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office said. He will be sentenced on October 15, according to local court records. Majors was stabbed multiple times during the botched mugging on December 11, 2019 in Morningside Park, which is near the Manhattan campuses of Barnard College and Columbia University. In a statement to the court, Lewis said that he had not realized Majors was dead until the next day, but said he watched as co-defendant Rashaun Weaver (bottom inset) repeatedly stab her in the chest (scene of the murder inset).

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Donald Trump this summer that he 'f***ed your presidency up' with the false claims he lost the election due to mass voter fraud, a new book claims.

A new book on President Joe Biden and his family out on Tuesday cites sources familiar with Hunter Biden's emails who claim that messages from business partners dated 2015 and 2017 are real.

Gen. John Raymond, commander of the Space Force, revealed the uniforms for the newest branch of the military on Tuesday. The navy-blue uniform, left, features a series of silver buttons running diagonally from the right shoulder down to the front of the guardian's chest. Many on social media were quick to compare the designs to those featured in science fiction classics, such as the ones worn by officers in Battlestar Galactica, right.

Moment GOP candidate for Nevada Lieutenant Governor is dragged out of meeting and shoved through a metal detector while protesting county commission's decision to declare COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis

NEW Mack Miller was violently thrown into a metal detector as security guards kicked him out of a meeting at Clark County Commission Office COVID-19 meeting. In a 5-2 decision, the committee deemed the spread of COVID-19 misinformation as a public health crisis. Miller, alongside others, declared it to be a violation of their First Amendment rights and that it only supported one side's agenda.

Angelina Jolie has been slammed as 'vindictive' and guilty of 'systematic obstruction', in a new lawsuit brought against her on behalf of ex-husband Brad Pitt, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Brazil's health minister tests positive for Covid at UN General Assembly after shaking hands with unmasked Prime Minister Boris Johnson and while staying at same New York City hotel as Joe Biden

Brazil's presidential office announced on Tuesday that Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, right, had tested positive for the virus and will be quarantining in New York for two weeks. Queiroga had met with Johnson on Monday, where they shook hands, left, and stood beside each other without wearing masks. It is unclear whether Queiroga is vaccinated, as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stands as a vaccine skeptic.

Every speaker - including President Joe Biden - was given a fresh microphone head at Tuesday's U.N. General Assembly in order to prevent the gathering from becoming a COVID superspraeder event.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson heaped praise on President Joe Biden in an NBC interview that aired Tuesday during the United Nations General Assembly. In doing so he also took a jab at Donald Trump.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has a fandom of 'Holmies' that hail her as a 'girl boss' despite fraud trial over blood testing machines

Elizabeth Holmes, left, faces up to 20 years in prison after being charged with selling a fraudulent service despite knowing about the shortcomings and inaccuracies in the blood-testing tech she promised, yet people continue to idolize her. TikToks with the hashtag #ElizabethHolmes have received 13 million views on the platform, with users, right, standing in support of Holmes in posts that blur the lines between satire and genuine admiration.

Barry Morphew turned to aggressive fauna to explain away evidence linking him to his wife Suzanne's (inset) disappearance last year, including 'chasing a chipmunk with a gun' around the house and shooting a deer 'with a tranquilizer dart to explain a dart and needle cap in the dryer.' Investigators believe Barry, seen left after posting $500,000 bail on Monday, 'hunted and controlled' his wife like the animals after he realized he couldn't stop her from leaving him. An affidavit released Monday includes an image of the alleged killer-husband carrying two shovels into a hotel the day she disappeared (right).

Barry Morphew, who has been charged with killing wife Suzanne Morphew (bottom left), was seen with two shovels on the day she disappeared last year (top left). He's seen right on Monday.

The executive noted how some current contracts that were 'made three or four years ago' were cut prior to the coronavirus pandemic upending the entertainment model.

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Court documents have revealed an internal Trump campaign memo that knocks down evidence of a widespread conspiracy involving Dominion voting machines to rig the election.

A second woman, identified as 'Ms. Doe', has accused Wall Street billionaire investor Leon Black of sexual assaulting her at Jeffrey Epstein's New York home in 2002, a new lawsuit reveals.

Furious mounted Texas Border agents deny they are whipping migrants and accuse Biden administration of fueling outrage to deflect their failings - as union boss says riders were trying to protect themselves and their horses

Border Patrol agents pushed back against the criticism over their treatment of migrants saying the outrage shows officials lack 'basic knowledge' of handling horses and 'proves what absolute idiots they are,' with National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto insisting the agents were using approved techniques. Photos and video Sunday appeared to show agents on horseback whipping Haitian migrants with reins at the Rio Grande river between Mexico and the US. They sparked outrage with Vice President Kamala Harris telling reporters she was 'deeply troubled' by the 'horrible' images and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki condemning the actions as 'horrific'.

Joe Biden said he will get the situation at the border 'under control' as Kamala Harris slammed Border Patrol agents for 'horrible' treatment of migrants in their first direct response to the unfolding crisis.

New video footage has revealed the 'horrific' treatment of Haitian refugee camps as U.S. border patrol officers were seen yelling and threatening them with whips near Texas border

Money down the toilet: Moment Colorado contractor DESTROYS new bathroom with a sledgehammer after client refused to pay

A Colorado Springs woman captured the moment she confronted her neighbor's angry contractor as he took a sledgehammer to the tiles and walls to the bathroom he had just finished remodeling after a payment dispute. Amber Trucke paid Terry George (pictured) and Jordan Cezares from Dream Home Remodels of Colorado $3,330 of an owed $7,555, according to invoices she posted to her Facebook account. Jordan Cazares, owner of the contracting company, sent Trucke a Facebook Pay request for the remainder on Friday morning, per conversations Trucke posted. She told Trucke that she had until that evening to render payment. Around 9.30 am on Saturday, 23 hours after the contractor demanded payment, Cazares and LLC co-owner Terry Gregory came back to Trucke's apartment while the homeowner was at work, demolition equipment in hand.

Oklahoma cannibal Bob Lee Allen, 54, has been sentenced to 12 years prison after he and his husband Thomas Evans Gates, 43, performed an illegal castration on a male volunteer in October 2020

As the saga of R. Kelly's sex-trafficking trial nears its close, it appears that the disgraced singer will not take to the witness stand to defend himself, a lawyer for Kelly revealed Tuesday.

Natalie Rise, 46, died on August 22, shortly after her unvaccinated mother was also taken to the hospital with COVID. She leaves behind 10-year-old twins with Joubert syndrome.

More than 225,000 COVID-19 cases were recorded among children and teens last week, a 7.1% decline from the 243,00 cases recorded the week before, a new report from the AAP found.

Over the last seven days, 976,379 new infections of COVID-19 were reported in the U.S., which is the first time in more than a month that the weekly total has been below one million,

Some school districts are now utilizing frequent COVID-19 tests to allow kids to keep attending in-person class when they have contact with an infected student, in a strategy called 'test to stay'

Tom Ford and his late husband Richard Buckley (inset) shared a property empire worth $122million, having bought and sold several properties over the course of their 35-year relationship. The couple most recently lived in an estate in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills (bottom left) neighborhood after they purchased the property - which once belonged to late socialite Betsy Bloomingdale - for $38.75million in 2016. Buckley passed away in the Los Angeles home on Sunday from natural causes after battling prolonged illness. In addition to their current home, they had prime real estate in two of the world's fashion capitals - New York City (top right) and London (bottom right), as well as in Ford's hometown of Santa Fe (top left).

An F-16 fighter jet (left) escorted a civilian Cessna plane (inset photo is a stock image) from New York City airspace after the pilot mistakenly wandered into the restricted area.

Moment angry bison hurls rival through the air as animals clash in the middle of the road at Yellowstone National Park 

Two bison get a fight over a female bison during mating season at Yellowstone National Park. The pair were filmed ramming into each other in a battle of dominance. Male bison fight each other during mating season to not only prove dominance, but have higher chances of mating. Females typically pick the bigger and more aggressive bison to mate with. Yellowstone maintains the largest herd of bison with up to 5,500 living in the park. The park is the only place the animals have lived continuously since prehistoric times.

The rapper and MyChannel have informed the court they have agreed to a joint stipulation of dismissal, and RadarOnline.com reports that both parties are set to pay their own legal fees.

Christmas tree sellers are increasing prices by up to 66 per cent for the upcoming holiday season following the high shipping cost that have incurred due to the global supply chain crisis

Kanye West has found his bachelor pad amid his divorce from Kim Kardashian and it is a minimalist's dream at a maximalist's price point. The 44-year-old mogul dropped a whopping $57.3million on a sprawling beachside home in Malibu in an off-market deal according to real estate transaction website Dirt . The stunning property which looks like a piece of art was designed by Japanese Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando and was built by Marmol Radziner. Self-taught architect Ando, 80, is renowned in the industry as he is behind the He Art Museum in China and the Bourse de Commerce in Paris and Kanye became a fan of the Osaka, Japan native after visiting the 'art island' he designed in Naoshima.

The star, who was also known as Goddess Patty, had been suffering from complications with her kidneys after battling diabetes for years.

Reviews of the new Apple iPhone 13 praised the the new devices' internals and its longer battery life, ahead of the device going on sale on Friday, September 24.


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Hollywood icon and 60 sex symbol Raquel Welch as spotted out and about for the first time in over two years on Friday as she visited the Heritage Auctions building in Beverly Hills. The icon - who made her Hollywood name starring in classics such as Bedazzled, One Million Years B.C., Bandolero!, among many others - was seen in exclusive DailyMail.com photos looking healthy and in good spirits. The four-times divorced star cut a casual figure in a white top and black designer pants matched with black wedge sandals. She accessorized with a stylish straw hat and reading glasses - but went without a handbag.

The brainteaser has been created by Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller, with puzzlers asked to spot the two tiny items in the sea of tools. But thanks to the brightly coloured products cluttering the graphic, it is almost impossible to notice the missing safety pins. According to the creators the puzzle takes an average of one minute and 23 seconds to solve, but with the mesmerizing colours, how quick can you spot the hidden items?

Inside Dog the Bounty Hunter's intimate wedding to his sixth wife where drama unfolded over anonymous threat to throw paint on bride's dress and guests' tires were slashed - as some suspect it was his disgruntled daughters

Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show Dog the Bounty Hunter's wedding to his sixth wife Francie Frane on September 2. The wedding was inmate, filled with 100 of the couple's closest friends and family at The Pinery At The Hill, a luxury resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dog, 68, wore a black tuxedo but kept his trademark shades on, while Francie, 52, wore a billowing white dress which she paired with custom crystal-encrusted sneakers.But drama surrounded the event as Dog, real name Duane Chapman, beefed up security after an anonymous person threatened to throw paint on Francie's wedding gown. One guest claimed their car tires had been slashed with razor blades and another said vandals left a 'mysterious pungent odor' in their car. Many guests suspected it has something to do with the family rift between Dog and his two daughters, Cecily, 28, and Bonnie, 22, who weren't invited to the wedding.

The legislation is at odds with the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision which granted women's rights to access abortion with limited government interference.

People from around the world took to US-based secret sharing app Whisper to share details of their illicit relationships (six examples pictured), including one woman who started seeing her boss. Another unfaithful wife told how she is embarking on an emotional affair with her best friend's husband. Meanwhile one man said he can't cut off communication with his ex.

Early reports said the fire broke out while the roof of the New Orleans Superdome was being water pressured in preparation to be painted.

Hiker shares video of his 2,000-mile, 96-day trek along the Appalachian Trail condensed into just four minutes - complete with bears, waterfalls and stunning panoramic views

The hiker, who posted his journey on YouTube, began from the southern end of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in Springer Mountain, Georgia on May 17 before finishing 96 days later. The 2,180-mile-long footpath was built by private citizens and completed in 1937. It's managed by the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and other state and local agencies and volunteers, according to the NPS. The trail kicks off with stunning views of water cascading down Georgia waterfalls.

Moment homeless man hurls a BRICK at handyman's face during argument outside a bagel shop as New York City's crimewave shows no sign of letting up

The handyman, in white, had offered the homeless man coffee and a bagel before the homeless man began attacking him. The homeless man grabbed a brick and flung it at the victim's face. A manager at Kossar Bagels & Bialys shop said the homeless man, inset, had been spotted getting arrested in the area before the incident. He has also been seen since the attack, but always manages to elude police, the manager added.

Houston Police Officers' Union President Douglas Griffith is calling on Judge Greg Glass to resign after the he let Deon Ledet out on bond despite his extensive criminal history.

Woman has meltdown over children LAUGHING at a restaurant and tells mother she should 'take them to Chuck-E-Cheese' instead

A TikTok mom posted footage of a fellow restaurant patron who confronted her in a restaurant, telling her it 'is not the place' for her to take her autistic toddlers for dinner before, the poster said, demanding free food from the diner. User @bamskye2426 shared a few short clips from the uncomfortable interaction, which she said took place at a 'family oriented spot' on Long Island. 'According to Karen this isn't the place for autistic children. It's a dive diner,' she captioned the post, uploaded on Monday.

Call the fashion police! Terrifying moment all-out brawl breaks out between scantily-clad female diners at Texas iHop sparked by comment about clothes

The wild footage, which amassed 80,000 views within hours of being posted on WorldStarHipHop on Tuesday, begins with a blue baby booster seat flying through the air and hitting a family just as they were digging into their meal. The father, mother and two adult daughters quickly confronted the group of women who had thrown the furniture, which is when all hell breaks loose. 'Worldstar!' the camerawoman, Krissy Lamberg, can be heard yelling as the fight erupted on early Sunday morning. 'The girls were acting up inside and outside of the restaurant,' Lamberg told DailyMail.com. 'They were dressed looking for attention, and they got it.' 'They thought we were looking at them. Pretty much how it started,' Mychaela Horelka, who was involved in the fight, wrote on Facebook.

Charlotte Freud, 21, daughter of Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth and PR guru Matthew Freud,  57, spoke to British society bible Tatler about growing up as a Murdoch.

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The trio announced that they are coming together to celebrate their hit 1996 hit album The Score with a 12-city tour. The album is one of the best selling albums of all-time as it has sold 22million copies.

Guinness World Records honored Edith Murway-Traina with the title of the oldest competitive female powerlifter on August 5, three days before her centennial birthday. The great-great-grandmother from Tampa, Florida, is featured in the 2022 edition of the book, which was published last week. The former dance instructor was 91 when she started weightlifting, and she can now lift 40 to 150 pounds or more, depending on the exercise. Murway-Traina has credited her daily vitamins and martinis with keeping her going. The powerlifter is currently training for a competition in November after having to take a break from her gym sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wack revealed on a podcast last week that he had 'more graphic' footage of the exes together, which he was willing to release to Ray or Kim's estranged husband, Kanye West.

The family of Kathie Durst is calling on prosecutors in Westchester New York to bring charges against her husband after he was found guilty of murdering a friend to cover up her 1982 disappearance.

Kate Moss beamed with pride (left) as she watched her daughter Lila (right) take to the runway during the Richard Quinn show and cocktail party in the midst of London Fashion Week. The model, 46, looked effortlessly chic in a blue velvet blazer and flared jeans as she made her way into The Londoner Hotel to support her daughter. Kate, who over the weekend was reported to be returning to her partying ways, showcased her ageless complexion in the simple look as she took her place in the front row of the fashion show (insert).

'This is our first tour in 59 years without our lovely Charlie Watts': Mick Jagger gives emotional tribute to Rolling Stones' long-time drummer during private performance for Robert Kraft at Gillette Stadium

The Stones' frontman, 78, shared a touching video on social media (pictured) from Monday night's show at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts where he told the audience it was a 'poignant night' for him and his bandmates. Jagger dedicated the show to Watts (inset) who he said the band all 'miss so much' both 'on and off the stage'. The Stones' took to the stage for a warm-up gig ahead of their 13-date US tour which kicks off Sunday night. It marks the first time in almost six decades Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, 77, performed without their famous backbeat. Watts died aged 80 back in August of unspecified causes.

Juliska Country Estate Winter Frolic Ruby 10" Serving Bowl

Spellbound soulmates, magic manuals and love rituals... Samantha Brick speaks to three women who reveal how they used magic to find real life romance and the menfolk they put under their spells. With rituals and sorcery, some women swear they've conjured up the man of their dreams or made a stranger fall in love with them. 'Hopeless romantic' Alexandra Wenman, 43, married Anthony Reed, 44 (left) after writing a letter to the universe asking to meet her ideal partner. Energy healer Monika Hammond, 34, wooed Gareth, 42, after reading up on her landlady's magical manual and 'New Age' guides. And Lucia Craddock, 39, married her husband Mark, 53, after manifesting her dream man using incantations.

The predator became the prey in the Canadian Rockies as a grizzly bear looking for its next meal was killed by a mountain goat's 'dagger-like horns'.

The body of nine-year-old Viktoria Gnedova was found buried seven feet beneath a concrete slab in the cellar of her apartment block. Shavkat Shayakhmedov, 61, also lived in the building.

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'How did this happen to me?' Bizarre moment woman finds a BAT hanging from crotch of her jeans - after hearing a 'squeak'

TikTok user TkaziG shared the viral video this month, asking incredulously, 'How did this happen to me?' She showed the tiny black bat nestled directly in the crotch of her jeans, forcing her to awkwardly hover with her legs open. She called her husband to retrieve it and said it died soon after; she thinks one of her cats killed it. Both she and her cat got tested for rabies.

Rows upon rows of tanks, the last Soviet-made locomotive and a one-of-a-kind invention are among the eerie images captured of abandoned military equipment in more than 50 countries around the world. At first glance, these boats, tanks and aeroplanes appear to be lined up and ready for action, but in reality they have been left to rot. Photographer and history fanatic, Dmitry Osadchy, from St Petersburg, has trekked through swamps, forests and deserts to reach closely guarded facilities the public never usually sees. The 38-year-old uses a drone to capture his aerial images and has travelled the world tracking down abandoned military aircraft and vehicles from his native Russia to the UAE since buying his first drone five years ago.


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Cooking up trouble! Hilarious moment father discovers his three toddler daughters covered in FLOUR after leaving the room for a few minutes

DJ Abz Musa, 34, from London, had to take a call from his sister on the phone yesterday afternoon so left Nalah, two, and twins Sadè and Mallie, one, in the lounge with the TV on while he went into another room. But just a few moments later, the cheeky youngsters had climbed up onto the kitchen table and grabbed the bag of flour, spilling it everywhere. After one of his daughters ran into his bedroom covered in the ingredient, Abz rushed to the living room and filmed the mess his children had made.

Argentina's Zuccardi Valle de Uco was named the planet's top wine tourism destination in a ceremony that took place at the Schloss Johannisberg winery in Rheingau, Germany.

The Ubang people of southern Nigeria use different words depending on their gender. For example, women use the word 'okwakwe' for dog, whereas men say 'abu'.

DONGSHUAI Wheeled Shower Commode Chair, 4 in 1 Commode Chair/wit

Sean Matthews and his partner Kellie Stanley lost their home in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, in a fire on Saturday, September 4. The couple was on a dinner date when they received a Ring doorbell camera call around 6:30 p.m. from a frantic neighbor who said their back porch was on fire. Neighbors were able to save their 13-year-old dog, Memphis, and cut off the gas line to prevent a potential explosion as they raced home from the restaurant. While they lost almost everything in the blaze, Matthews recovered the engagement ring he had hidden in a fireproof safe. Matthews made the best of a bad situation and asked Stanley to marry him that night in front of their neighbors, friends, and family who were there to help.